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Iíve done a great deal of travelling and plein air painting over the years while absorbing images and experiences. Painting pure Visionary landscape is a way of bringing out all these experiences in an almost spiritual way. I get completely lost in the creative process. Unlike the plein air painting that can be done with friends, I must have total privacy and concentration to bring these paintings to life. I need to be quiet and internalize the sights, sounds, smells, and touches of a scene that is not physically in front of me. I have to create the entire reality of the scene as imagined through the senses and keep it fresh in my mind or I can lose it. If it werenít for years of painting en plein air and sketchbook paintings, I would not have the ability to do my visionary work. The experience has given me the tools to create any mood or feeling I want in my paintings and to bend reality in the process to capture an imaginary world of heightened reality.