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In October 08, I went to England to paint for the Cathedrals and Crowns show. I spent a week travelling around the countryside and another week at Hampton Court, home of King Henry the VIII. I stayed for a week in the oldest part of the Castle called Fish Court. It predates Tudor time, and is where all the pastry making was done. One of my flat-mates was fellow artist Karol Mack. We were allowed the run of the castle at night and went out exploring it every chance we got. The daytime could get very crowded and a bit noisy so I would escape to the bank of the Thames that runs alongside the castle. It was quiet and peaceful as well as beautiful. The paintings below are from within the castle, from the Thames and two were expressions of how I feel about the English country side. I wrote up a little travelogue about the trip and turned it into a newsletter.