I love paintings and all art in its many forms. I derive great joy from going to museums to view precious works of art from artists of the past. It also gives me great joy to visit galleries that specialize in work by living artists. I have never been interested in buying works from artists of the past, as these paintings are very expensive and I can easily view them in the best museums. I would rather buy great works of art from living artists.

I’ve been lucky over the last few years to have been exposed to some of the finest artists of our day. I’ve seen their studios, learned how they work and know the quality of their work. There is a small group of artists that think the same way I do. They are not interested in making art as fast as they can; they take whatever time is needed to produce the highest quality work. Their paintings may be modern, but their values are old school. What you get is a painting you want to keep for the rest of your life, then pass on as an heirloom.

I don’t buy because I think the paintings are a “good investment,” even though they are. I buy because I fall in love with them and just have to own them! I like having them around me.

My husband joins me in being an Art Patron. He isn’t an artist but has a keen eye for what looks good. We enjoy collecting paintings and drawings done by some of the finest up and coming artists as well as established artists today, some of whom are on my short list below.


Portraits by Adrian Gottlieb

Naturalist painter and portraitist

The Art of Kate Sammons

Emerging American contemporary realist artist who explores humanist subject matter through representation. Kate has received international distinction for portraiture and still life

Richard Sorrell

Richard is a painter of imaginative figurative paintings. He is a former President of the Royal Watercolour Society, a member of the New English Art Club and of the Royal Society of British Artists.

Terry Kelly

Terry is an outdoor painting pal who along with me, has enjoyed all the majestic scenes, painting triumphs, insect bites and easels blown over that mother nature has offered!


It's not often that one gets to witness an historic art form being born. But I was there to see Pimabura evolve from inspiration to master technique. Here's a link to the story behind it.